Adel Alwehedy Ibrahim

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OBJECTIVES To assess the extended interval regimen gentamicin associated ototoxicity in neonatal intensive care unit using hearing tests. METHODS Two hundred and twenty neonates admitted to neonatal intensive care were assessed; 110 neonates who had received gentamicin and 110 neonates who had not received gentamicin served as control group. Gentamicin(More)
A safe and effective way to prevent the development of hypoglycaemia in young children during general anaesthesia is to give drinks sweetened with maltose 2 hours before operation. Metoclopramide (Maxolon) is injected intramuscularly to hasten absorption. The postoperative blood sugar in the maltose-treated group (28 patients) was 100+/-22-21 mg/ml(More)
Background: Patients have the right to expect Quality of care. Nowadays, the patients' satisfaction is used as a criterion to measure the quality of care. However there are controversial results about the aspect of caring behaviors which mostly affects their patients' satisfaction. Objective: The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between(More)
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