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Cloud computing is a new paradigm for emerging technology in the computing and IT industries. Cloud computing offers a new pathway for business agility and supports a faster time to market by offering ready-to-consume cloud-based IT services. SMEs can wisely take advantage of the cloud computing services, without the need for upfront costs. The perception(More)
BACKGROUND Pressure therapy has been used to prevent and treat hypertrophic scars following cutaneous injury despite the limited understanding of its mechanism of action and lack of established animal model to optimize its usage. OBJECTIVES The aim of this work was to test and characterize a novel automated pressure delivery system designed to deliver(More)
Cloud computing provides an innovative delivery model that enables enterprises to reduce operational costs and improve flexibility and scalability. Organisations wishing to migrate their legacy systems to the cloud often need to go through a difficult and complicated decision-making process. This can be due to multiple factors including restructuring IT(More)
Migrating existing resources to cloud computing is a strategic organisational decision that can be difficult. It requires the consideration and evaluation of a wide range of technical and organisational aspects. Although a significant amount of attention has been paid by many industrialists and academics to aid migration decisions, the procedure remains(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and cloud computing are the present day technologies which enable novel and attractive solutions for information gathering and accessing it across the globe. There is a meticulous research going on in the labs and universities on these areas. However there are obstacles that must be overcome before the full potential of this(More)
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