Adel A. Sewisy

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The minimum weighted edge dominating set problem (MWEDS) generalizes both the weighted vertex cover problem and the problem of covering the edges of graph by a minimum cost set of both vertices and edges. In this paper, we propose a meta-heuristic approach based on genetic algorithm and local search to solve the MWEDS problem. Therefore, the proposed method(More)
Shape-of-object representation has always been an important topic in image processing and pattern recognition. This work deals with representation of shape based on a new boundary chain code, and uses this chain code to recognize the object. Chain code techniques are widely used to represent an object because they preserve information and allow considerable(More)
The Cluster analysis is a major technique for statistical analysis, machine learning, pattern recognition, data mining, image analysis and bioinformatics. K-means algorithm is one of the most important clustering algorithms. However, the kmeans algorithm needs a large amount of computational time for handling large data sets. In this paper, we developed(More)
Attribute reduction is the process of removing a subset of attributes from the dataset. One of the most famous tools used for solving the attribute reduction problem is rough set theory. The current attribute reduction methods in rough set theory are failed for finding the optimal reduction because of no perfect heuristic can ensure optimality. In this(More)
Collaborative recommender system recommends items to the user based on what actions that other users in the same environment did in the past. This paper focuses on recommending popular places based on behavior of Global Positioning System (GPS) traces to multiple users. Collecting different reviews of popular places from multiple visitors is an explicit way(More)
Augmenting deformable surfaces like cloth and body in real video is a challenging task. This paper presents a system for cloth and body augmentation in a single-view video. The system allows users to change their cloth either by changing the color, the texture, or the whole cloth. It augments the user with virtual clothes. As a result, users can enjoy(More)
Intrusion detection systems (IDS) are important to protect our systems and networks from attacks and malicious behaviors. In this paper, we propose a new hybrid intrusion detection system by using accelerated genetic algorithm and rough set theory (AGAAR) for data feature reduction, and genetic programming with local search (GPLS) for data classification.(More)