Adekunle Otuneye

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BACKGROUND Reports of the etiology of bacteremia in children from Nigeria are sparse and have been confounded by wide spread non-prescription antibiotic use and suboptimal laboratory culture techniques. We aimed to determine causative agents and underlying predisposing conditions of bacteremia in Nigerian children using data arising during the introduction(More)
Anaemia is a common morbidity in the NICU and often requires transfusion of packed red blood cells. Haematocrit equilibration following red cell transfusion occurs over time ultimately resulting in a stable packed cell volume (PCV). Knowledge of this equilibration process is pertinent in the accurate timing of posttransfusion (PT) PCV. We conducted a(More)
In 2008, several Nigerian children developed acute kidney injury (AKI) after ingesting teething syrup contaminated with diethylene glycol (DEG). Because there are limited diagnostic facilities in resource-constrained countries, this study investigated whether AKI associated with DEG could be identified by other means. This was a multicenter study.(More)
BACKGROUND The global disease burden from measles as a vaccine preventable disease remains high despite decades of interventions by various organs and agencies. OBJECTIVES To determine the prevalence and outcome of childhood cases of measles admitted into the children's emergency ward of the National hospital and highlight the possible contributing(More)
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