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BACKGROUND Hyperhomocysteinemia is a potentially modifiable risk factor for stroke, and may have a negative impact on the course of ischaemic stroke. The role of hyperhomocysteinemia as it relates to stroke in Africans is still uncertain. The objective of this study was to determine the prevalence and short-term impact of hyperhomocysteinemia in Nigerians(More)
BACKGROUND Breast Cancer has been known to be the most common cancer and second principal cause of cancer death in women. However, the adherence to recommended breast cancer screening guidelines is low especially in Africa. OBJECTIVE It may be necessary to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice of breast cancer screening among nurses who are in good(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES The study aims to assess the outcome of excision and end-to-end anastomotic urethroplasty in the management of post traumatic urethral stricture in at one of the teaching hospitals in Nigeria. MATERIALS AND METHODS All cases of post traumatic urethral stricture disease managed by excision and end to end anastomosis between January 2000(More)
BACKGROUND Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer and the leading cause of cancer death among females, accounting for 23% of total cancer cases and 14% of cancer deaths worldwide. The developing countries are catching up with this trend. Breast ultrasound when properly performed and interpreted, is an indispensable tool in breast imaging. The(More)
UNLABELLED Melorheostosis of Leri is a non-familial condition of hyperostosis of the cortical bone that usually presents unilaterally in long bones of the upper and lower limbs, but may also present in vertebra, ribs, skull and jaw. The incidence of this disease is quite rare, only about 300 cases have been reported worldwide. We present a case, which may(More)
Carcinoma of the breast is thhe leading cause of death in women aged 30 years and above. It reduces the life expectancy of the population at risk especially those between 31 and 50. The incidence of breast cancer is rising rapidly in the population group that used to enjoy low incidence of the disease. Majority of the patients present late in the hospital.(More)
BACKGROUND Preoperative localization of the testis aids effective management of undescended testes. Various diagnostic techniques have been applied in the localization of undescended testes with varying results. The aim of this study was to compare clinical assessment and ultrasound evaluation in the preoperative localization of undescended testes in(More)
BACKGROUND This study explored the outcome of children with patent anterior fontanelles who were treated with trans-fontanelle ultrasound scan (TFUSS), which is more affordable and available than CT scan and MRI in the diagnosis of childhood intracranial pathologies and treatment of subdural empyema, in developing countries. PATIENTS AND METHODS Seventeen(More)
Small airways diseases are not uncommon in childhood. They account for about 28.4% of hospital admissions for lower respiratory tract infections in South West Nigeria, most of which are due to respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection. Noninfectious causes of small airways diseases, on the other hand, are poorly recognized and rarely feature in the(More)
The papillary and follicular histological sub-types of thyroid cancer are referred to as differentiated thyroid cancers. When these tumors metastasize, they rarely do so to the liver. Hepatic metastasis is very uncommon in this group of cancers and has only been reported in a handful of cases. We present one such case in a Nigerian patient and note its(More)