Adekilekun A Tijani

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This study collected survey data from 20 industrial Small and Medium enterprises located in different part of Lagos state to analyze the vital influential factors affecting their adoption of Information and Communication Technology from adopter and non-adopter perspectives. A logistic regression analysis was conducted to predict the adoption inhibiting(More)
INTRODUCTION Ectopic thyroid is a rare pathology characterized by thyroid tissue, located outside of the normal area. The aim of this study was to report a case of a basilingual ectopic-thyroid goiter and to present clinical, paraclinical, and treatment aspects. CASE REPORT A 45-year-old woman presented with a mass located at the base of the(More)
This prospective study of parturients at a tertiary health institution in south-western Nigeria aims to identify the incidence, severity and obstetric factors predisposing to feto - maternal haemorrhage (FMH) in our population. The exclusion criteria were haemoglobinopathy and patient's refusal of consent to participate in the study. The prepared slide was(More)
A B S T R A C T This study was carried out in order to elucidate some of the effects of oral administration of Cannabis sativa on the visual system of male Wistar rats as marker of toxicity using neurohistochemical study. 12 adult male Wistar rats were used for this study. The rats were distributed into two groups (A and B). The rats in group A served as(More)
BACKGROUND Some of the effects of tobacco on man's health are well documented in many scientific reports. Whenever tobacco is used either in smoked or chewed form, nicotine is absorbed by the lungs and oral cavity and is spontaneously moved into the bloodstream where it is circulated throughout the body system. MATERIALS AND METHODS Ten male(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the neuroprotective effects of aqueous extract of Garcinia kola on neurotoxin administered malnourished mice adopting histological procedure. METHODS The study was carried out using thirty-two adult malnourished mice which were randomly assigned into four groups (n=8): A, B, C and D. Group A served as control, while the other groups(More)
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