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— In this paper, we present a load-balancing strategy (Adaptive Load Balancing strategy) for data parallel applications to balance the work load effectively on a distributed system. We study its impact on computation-hungry matrix multiplication application. The ALB strategy enhances the performance with features such as intelligent node selection, pre-task(More)
BACKGROUND Placenta previa is known to be associated with previous caesarean deliveries, advanced maternal age, increasing parity, smoking, curettage and myomectomy. This study was carried out to compare the frequency of placenta previa, in women with previous caesareans versus those with normal vaginal deliveries. METHODS It was one year study conducted(More)
BACKGROUND Induction of labour is the intentional initiation of cervical ripening and uterine contraction for the purpose of accomplishing delivery, prior to onset of spontaneous parturition. This study was conducted to compare maternal and neonatal outcome in women induced with Prostaglandin E2 gel, Prostaglandin E2 pessary and extra-amniotic saline(More)
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