Adeela Awan

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The aim of this study was to analyze and compare the chemical composition of 8 tetra pack milk samples, Olpers (S1), Haleeb (S2), Good milk (S3), Everyday (S4), Milk Pack (S5), Dairy Queen (S6), Dairy Umang (S7), Nurpur (S8) available in local markets and to detect the presence of various chemical adulterants in tetra pack milk samples in Southern Punjab(More)
Six promising rice varieties viz., CO 43, CO 47, CO 48, CO 49, ADT 43 and Improved White Ponni were treated with gamma irradiation with doses of 100Gy, 200Gy, 250Gy, 300Gy and 350Gy of gamma rays in order to study effect of gamma irradiation in seed germination of rice varieties and study the root and shoot length variation. Treated seeds were sown(More)
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