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The high failure of e-Government is a motivation to do the research about Success Factors of e-Government implementation. Studying CSFs is an important issue that helps to implement e-Government successfully and to avoid failure. There have been various Success Factors of e-Government implementation obtained from CSFs Studies by other researcher but gives(More)
Sustainable utilization of energy resources is a profound challenge confronting decision and policy makers in the twenty-first century. Policy development does not relate to the provision of affordable energy alone; equally important and challenging is the need to address the issue of Climate Change. Meeting this twin challenge timely and effectively is(More)
E-Government, today, is being regarded as the panacea for many of the conventional government ills, such as rampant corruption in developing countries to costly service deliveries in the developed countries. This paper provides a quick introduction to the e-government and proceeds on to describe a new framework developed for the transition of a government(More)
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