Adebowale Adeniran

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In a flash injury the eyes are protected by the blink reflex. With our patients the eyes were open looking for a means of escape, exposing the globe to injury by hot smoke and protecting the eyelids. It is essential to examine the eyes in any facial burn, especially if there is any history of being injured in an enclosed space. If there are any signs of(More)
BACKGROUND Fine-needle aspiration of the thyroid is a common procedure, with an established role in reducing unnecessary thyroid surgery and identifying neoplasms and malignancies. METHODS The study evaluated 1558 responses in the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Non-GYN Assessment program of aspirates of thyroid neoplasms and malignancies(More)
A relatively atraumatic, simple and very reliable method of retrieving the proximal end of a severed flexor tendon of a finger or thumb is described. The technique involves passing a Silastic feeding tube into the flexor tendon sheath, placing the retracted tendon within its lumen, and securing it in place with a single stitch. The feeding tube is then(More)
C a a 0. 0 a a) a C a a 5) a. followed and a drain had not been used; the wound settled, however, without surgical drainage. Discussion. In the percutaneous method, the incision is below the crest, through the muscle bulk of the glutei. In the open method it usually lies over the crest. The percutaneous incision is smaller, and less likely to damage the(More)
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