Adebayo Omotosho

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The process of electronic approach to writing and sending medical prescription promises to improve patient safety, health outcomes, maintaining patients privacy, promoting clinician acceptance and prescription security when compared with the customary paper method. Traditionally, medical prescriptions are typically handwritten or printed on paper and(More)
Existing approaches to protect the privacy of Electronic Health Records (EHR) are either insufficient for existing medical laws or they are too restrictive in their usage. For example, smartcard-based encryption systems require the patient to be always present to authorize access to medical records. A major issue in EHR is how patient's privacy and(More)
— Over the years health care has seen major improvement due to the introduction information and communication technology with electronic medical prescription being one the areas benefiting from it. Within the overall context of protection of health care information, privacy of prescription data needs special treatment. This paper presents an e-prescription(More)
Exeat is a generic term commonly used to describe a period of absence from a centre of learning either for entire day, or parts of a day for appointments, interviews, open days and other fixtures in privately owned academic environment. The current method of monitoring student's movement is inefficient and brings difficulty to the University Halls(More)
Tropical diseases are diseases that are unique to tropical and subtropical regions affecting nearly everyone in the " bottom billion " of the world's poorest people. They have a terrible impact on health involving child growth and development, harm pregnant women, cause disability and disfigurement and often cause long-term debilitating illnesses. The(More)
Cryptography has been widely accepted for security and partly for privacy control as discovered from past works. However, many of these works did not provide a way to manage cryptographic keys effectively especially in EHR applications, as this is the Achilles heel of cryptographic techniques currently proposed. The issue of accountability for legitimate(More)
—Medical images require immediate access by several physicians in different places within a medical facility and access to a critically injured person's medical image, such as the x-ray, on time can be a key factor in the diagnosis and treatment of the patient. The electronic medical image archive system can help to solve the problem faced in previous(More)
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