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AIM To obtain empirical evidence for the efficacy of local anaesthesia in dentistry. DESIGN Retrospective analysis of serial administrations of local anaesthesia. METHODS Dentist and patient evaluations of the success of differing techniques (infiltration and block) of anaesthesia in a variety of general practice procedures. Results were analysed for(More)
Polymers have attracted much attention as potential gene delivery vectors due to their chemical and structural versatility. However, several challenges associated with polymeric carriers, including low transfection efficiencies, insufficient cargo release, and high cytotoxicity levels have prevented clinical implementation. Strong electrostatic interactions(More)
We have recently developed a bioreactor that can apply both shear and compressive forces to engineered tissues in dynamic culture. In our system, alginate hydrogel beads with encapsulated human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) were cultured under different dynamic conditions while subjected to periodic, compressive force. A customized pressure sensor was(More)
BACKGROUND Rod fracture is a common complication of growing rods and can result in loss of correction, patient discomfort, and unplanned revision surgery. The ability to quantitate rod integrity at each lengthening would be advantageous to avoid this complication. We investigate the feasibility of applying structural health monitoring to evaluate the(More)
Thiolated polymers containing disulfide linkages are commonly researched in gene delivery with the assumption that the thiolated complexes form disulfide bonds. This study investigates the extent of disulfide linking in a thiol-containing polymer and determines the impact that free thiols have on the polymer's delivery potential. A fluorescent cationic(More)
We pledge on our honor that we have not given or received any unauthorized assistance on this assignment or examination. Abstract Harmful algal blooms caused by nitrates and phosphates negatively affect estuarine ecosystems, such as the Chesapeake Bay. These blooms release toxins and block sunlight needed for submerged aquatic vegetation, creating hypoxic(More)
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