Addison Mayberry

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Continuous, real-time tracking of eye gaze is valuable in a variety of scenarios including hands-free interaction with the physical world, detection of unsafe behaviors, leveraging visual context for advertising, life logging, and others. While eye tracking is commonly used in clinical trials and user studies, it has not bridged the gap to everyday consumer(More)
The human eye offers a fascinating window into an individual's health, cognitive attention, and decision making, but we lack the ability to continually measure these parameters in the natural environment. The challenges lie in: a) handling the complexity of continuous high-rate sensing from a camera and processing the image stream to estimate eye(More)
Although intraperitoneal administration of sodium carboxymethylcellulose (SCMC) prevents the formation of adhesions following laparotomy in rats, it remains unknown whether SCMC treatment prevents the recurrence of preformed peritoneal adhesions following surgical lysis. Additionally, the optimal amount of SCMC required for adhesion prevention, as well as(More)
Although clinical studies suggest enteral, as opposed to parenteral, feeding lowers morbidity and mortality rates following severe trauma and after sepsis, it is unknown whether gut absorptive capacity (GAC) is indeed maintained under such conditions. To study this, GAC was determined in patients with blunt trauma (n = 8) and with sepsis (n = 11) by the(More)
The trauma and sepsis that follow open fractures and wounds may lead to the production of various cytokines. Understanding wound healing requires a direct knowledge of the specific cytokines and the respective wound fluid levels that are present at the wound site. An animal model was designed that mimics the open fracture and the clinical repair of the(More)
Internet of Things (IoT) promise to bring ease of monitoring, better efficiency and innovative services across many domains with connected devices around us. With information from critical parts of infrastructure and powerful cloud based data analytics, many applications can be developed to gain insights about IoT systems as well as transform their(More)
The ability to monitor eye closures and blink patterns has long been known to enable accurate assessment of fatigue and drowsiness in individuals. Many measures of the eye are known to be correlated with fatigue including coarse-grained measures like the rate of blinks as well as fine-grained measures like the duration of blinks and the extent of eye(More)
We measure the collateral effect on microarchitectural state of system calls using a validated, cycle-accurate simulator. Our results demonstrate that, in some cases, the disruption on user-mode performance is significant. This disruption varies by the operating system and even the kernel version in use.
Although departures from the normal physiologic pH range, associated with states of shock, injury, and/or infection are thought to impair phagocytic function and chemotaxis, it remains unknown if the ability of the peritoneal macrophage (pMø) to gate H+ is affected following hemorrhagic shock. To study this, male C3H/HeN mice were bled to a BP of 40 mm Hg(More)