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This paper presents a new application of data mining techniques, particularly text mining, to analyze educational questions asked by teachers in classrooms. More specifically, it reports on the performance of four machine learning techniques and four feature selection approaches on the classification of teacher's questions into different cognitive levels(More)
In recent years, there has been increasing interest on using Component-Base System (CBS) to develop Applications. These parts are glued together to compose an application. Since the approach supports reusability, these parts might be reused into countless systems. CBS provides efficiency, reliability and reduces the need for maintenance. However,(More)
—The difficulties of locating a desired facial image in a large and varied collection are now the current main problem in this field. In order to search in such a large and varied images' collection, there is a growing need for efficient storage and retrieval techniques. In this research, an effective approach towards content-based human facial image(More)
This paper explores the effectiveness of Particle Swarm Classification technique for tackling a classification problem in an emergent data mining field, called Educational Data Mining. More specifically, it applies Particle Swarm Classification to classify a data set of teachers' classroom questions into the cognitive levels of Bloom's taxonomy.(More)
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