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In recent years, E-learning has increasingly become a promising technology in educational institutions. Among numerous components of E-learning systems, question bank is a primordial component. Question bank is a repository of questions that assists students and instructors in the educational process. In question bank, questions are annotated, stored and(More)
This paper presents a new application of data mining techniques, particularly text mining, to analyze educational questions asked by teachers in classrooms. More specifically, it reports on the performance of four machine learning techniques and four feature selection approaches on the classification of teacher's questions into different cognitive levels(More)
Problem statement: Feature selection is a task of crucial importance for the application of machine learning in various domains. In addition, the recent increase of data dimensionality poses a severe challenge to many existing feature selection approaches with respect to efficiency and effectiveness. As an example, genetic algorithm is an effective search(More)
In recent years, there has been increasing interest on using Component-Base System (CBS) to develop Applications. These parts are glued together to compose an application. Since the approach supports reusability, these parts might be reused into countless systems. CBS provides efficiency, reliability and reduces the need for maintenance. However,(More)
Kalman filter estimates the state of a dynamic system, even if the precise form of the system is unknown. The filter is very powerful in the sense that it supports estimations of past and even future states. The description of the standard Kalman filter and its algorithms with the two main steps, the prediction step and the correction step. Furthermore the(More)
The concept of Bloom’s taxonomy cognitive domain has been broadly used as a guideline in preparing a reasonable examination paper that consists of questions belonging to various cognitive levels which are helpful in evaluating different capabilities of students. Currently, academicians identify Bloom’s taxonomy cognitive level manually, but that is a(More)
The difficulties of locating a desired facial image in a large and varied collection are now the current main problem in this field. In order to search in such a large and varied images’ collection, there is a growing need for efficient storage and retrieval techniques. In this research, an effective approach towards content-based human facial image(More)