Adarsh Seetharam

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Software thread integration (STI) is a compilation technique which enables the efficient use of an application's fine-grain idle time on generic processors without special hardware support. With STI, a primary function (with real-time requirements on specific instructions) is automatically interleaved with a secondary function to create a single implicitly(More)
With the growing number of services made available, through next generation networks, it is important that end-users have easy access to the right services at the right time. This paper explores a way by which this may be achieved, namely, the recommendation of services to the end-user at an opportune time. Presented is an architecture for the(More)
With a growing number of services, a greater demand on end-user time and falling average revenues per user, context sensitive applications can provide the needed enhanced experiences. The question arises as to whether such context sensitive experiences can be delivered while simultaneously addressing the apparently conflicting demand of end-user privacy. To(More)
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