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This article provides an insight on detailed current advances in molecular understandings of periodontal ligament cells and the influence of orthodontic force on them in the light of recent advances in molecular and genetic sciences. It sequentially unfolds the cellular events beginning from the mechanical force initiated events of cellular responses to(More)
AIM To evaluate and compare the variations in the inclination of occlusal plane of casts mounted on Artex articulator using a facebow with a fixed value and customized nasion indicator. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty two subjects were selected for this investigation. Two maxillary impressions were made, and casts poured. For each of the twenty two subjects,(More)
OBJECTIVE The correlates of parental burden in schizophrenia may differ between ethnic groups, but few studies have examined this in a UK setting. Our aim was to identify the correlates of burden in a UK sample of first-generation North Indian Punjabi Sikh parents and their white British counterparts. METHOD Test the association of burden with a series of(More)
BACKGROUND Caregiver burden in mental illness is believed to differ between ethnic groups, but few studies have examined this in schizophrenia in the UK. AIM To measure burden in British North Indian Sikh and white British parents with a son or daughter with established schizophrenia managed in outpatient care. METHOD A cross-cultural cohort study(More)
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