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Nowadays, the interest on the development of orbiting radar sounders for the observation of Earth polar areas is increasing. In this context, the analysis of the structure of the ice stratigraphy is of primary importance for the study of the past history and for the prediction of the evolution of icy environments. However, as proven by planetary missions,(More)
Radar sounders operating on satellite platforms (e.g., radar sounding missions at Mars) provide a huge amount of data that currently are mostly analyzed by means of manual investigations. This calls for the development of novel techniques for the automatic extraction of information from sounder signals that could greatly support the scientific community.(More)
The spaceborne synthetic aperture radar (SAR) systems Cosmo-SkyMed, TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X acquire imagery with very high spatial resolution (VHR), supporting various important application scenarios, such as damage assessment in urban areas after natural disasters. To ensure a reliable, consistent and fast extraction of the information from the complex SAR(More)
| This paper provides an overview of the Europa Jupiter System Mission (EJSM) and of its scientific objectives, focusing the attention on the subsurface radar (SSR) instrument included in the model payload of the Jupiter Ganymede Orbiter (JGO). The SSR instrument is a radar sounder system at low frequency (HF/VHF band) designed to penetrate the surface of(More)
In this letter, we study empirically the relation between the double-bounce effect of buildings in very high resolution (VHR) synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and the orientation angle for two different ground materials (i.e., asphalt and grass) by analyzing two different TerraSAR-X VHR spaceborne SAR images. Furthermore, we compare our empirical results with(More)
Nowadays, planetary radar sounding missions operating at Mars are providing a huge amount of data which are mostly analyzed by means of manual investigations. The development of techniques for the automatic extraction of information from radar sounder data is thus a crucial issue for a proper data exploitation from the scientific community. As an important(More)