Adami Silvano

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Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP) is a rare genetic condition characterized by progressive heterotopic ossification, increasing disability, and cumulative immobility. Thiazolidinediones, introduced in 1999 for the treatment of diabetes, enhance bone marrow adipogenesis at the expense of new bone formation, and this might be exploited for the(More)
From 1976 to 1994, we followed 55 children with occult spinal dysraphism (OSD). The average age at diagnosis was 4.5 years (range: 24 days - 21 years). In 13 cases the OSD was associated with anorectal anomalies. Urologic symptoms were present at diagnosis in 24 children (43%), but urinary incontinence affected all patients in the evolution of the OSD. At(More)
A rare case of asymptomatic pancreatic lipoma in an eleven-month-old child is presented. The abdominal mass was discovered occasionally during a grip episode. Preoperative tests proved the presence of a neoformation arising from the pancreas. It was multilobed, capsulated and located between colon transversus, spleen and stomach without infiltration of(More)
Thirteen patients suffering from Unilateral Spatial Neglect and 6 Right Brain Damaged Control Patients were tested on a line bisection task in order to verify peculiar patterns of error. Stimuli were arranged in order to avoid confounding the effects of line length and line position in the space. Two parameters of rightward displacement of setting point(More)
The understanding of pathophysiology of obstructed uropathy has been facilitated by animal models with partial ureteric obstruction. Some studies on partially obstructed adult rats have drawn attention to a biphasic pattern of obstructive uropathy: an initial 'destructive' phase and a 'steady' phase in which renal deterioration no longer occurs and in which(More)
It is well known that vertebral schisis is frequent in enuretic children but the true incidence in the normal population is not clear, because all series published are referred to children with associated urinary anomalies, who were submitted to voiding cystography and or intravenous pyelography. This determine a statistical bias. The aim of our study was(More)
A retrospective review of 177 neck masses in childhood treated between January 1975 and December 1990 at the "Bambino Gesù" Pediatric Hospital of Rome is presented, with particular emphasis on recurrences and their causes. 105, object of our study, were thyroglossal duct cysts (TDC) (58.7%); in the remaining 72 cases there were dermoid cysts (23.1%),(More)
Wilms' tumor represents one of the most frequent neoplastic disease of childhood: its prevalence is about 5-8 cases per million children aged less than 15 years, and its frequency ranks fourth among childhood solid tumors. Very marked improvement in the treatment of this lesion has occurred since 1942 with a 15% survival rate was reported. The modern(More)
A 31 case series of pleuropneumonia is presented, in a 7 year period. All patients were treated following same standards consisting of a pleural catheter insertion. Results support conservative treatment: short hospitalization and absence of psychological or physical traumas was achieved. Follow up is very good for all patients and none had invalidating(More)
A case of retroperitoneal Hemangiopericytoma in a 9 year old boy is presented. Hemangiopericytoma is a rare soft tissue tumor with unpredictable biological behaviour and a high local recurrency rate. Its ubiquity, the different grades of malignancy, the lack of correlation between clinical and histological feature are discussed. It is emphasized the hard(More)