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Use of official health services often remains low despite great efforts to improve quality of care. Are informal treatments responsible for keeping a number of patients away from standard care, and if so, why? Through a questionnaire survey with proportional cluster samples, we studied the case histories of 952 children in Bandiagara and Sikasso areas of(More)
Yellow fever (YF) is a mosquito-borne vaccine-preventable disease with high mortality. In West Africa, low population immunity increases the risk of epidemic transmission. A cluster survey was conducted to determine the effectiveness of a mass immunization campaign using 17D YF vaccine in internally displaced person (IDP) camps following a reported outbreak(More)
There are an estimated 234,000 cases of measles and 13,851 measles-related deaths per year in Mali. In 1998 and 1999, 548,309 children aged 9-59 months were vaccinated against measles during mass campaigns in urban centers across Mali. After the first campaign, measles incidence decreased by 95% in districts encompassing vaccinated urban centers and by 41%(More)
Le nodule de Soeur Marie-Josèphe est une métastase ombilicale d'une tumeur le plus souvent intra-abdominale. C'est un signe clinique rare dont l'incidence est de 1-3% de toutes les néoplasies abdomino-pelviennes, avec un pronostic péjoratif du fait de son retard diagnostique. Nous rapportons quatre observations d'une métastase cutanée ombilicale révélatrice(More)
Conclusion: La PBH est de pratique sure, avec un respect des contres indications et une bonne maitrise de la technique. Son acceptabilité a été bonne dans notre pratique et sa rentabilité diagnostique excellente. Elle devrait être beaucoup plus vulgarisée dans notre pays, comme alternative aux moyens d'exploration non invasive.
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