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The Sports Concussion Assessment Tool-2 (SCAT2) is a posttrauma evaluative screener for concussion. Although a revised version (SCAT3) recently was released, the SCAT2 continues in use. Moreover, there have been no reports of normative values with college athletes with the SCAT2 or SCAT3. Similar to the SCAT3, the SCAT2 includes a 22-item self-report(More)
  • Agbemenyah Hy, Zovoilis A Salinas-Riester, +73 authors Maier W
  • 2013
(2011) A hippocampal insulin-growth factor 2 pathway regulates the extinction of fear memories. An international survey of reported prescribing practice in the treatment of patients with generalised anxiety disorder. A as a trigger for neuron loss: can this be translated into human pathology? BIOCHEM SOC T, 39: 857-61. (2011) Rationale and baseline(More)
Although the medical literature has a long history of description and comment on concussion, the occurrence of concussion within the context of sports other than boxing was not judged to be problematic until the 1980s. Neuropsychological assessment played a critical and integral role in identifying the cognitive sequelae of concussion and mapping out the(More)
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