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Using a data set for 162 largest Hungarian firms during the period of 1994-1999 this paper explores the determinants of equity shares held by both foreign investors and by Hungarian corporations. We find evidence of a post-privatisation evolution towards more homogeneus equity structures, where dominant categories of owners aim at achieving controlling(More)
for their useful comments on an earlier draft of the paper. I am especially indebted to Professor Marian Ostrowski for his helpful comments and inspiring criticism. Finally, I want to thank also the staff members of WIDER, in particular Juhani Holm, Maj-Britt Khilfors and Liz Paavolainen, for their support in preparing the final manuscript of this paper.(More)
CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 1. Long-term trends and short-term tensions in Hungarian economic development 1.1. Macroeconomic trends and development patterns in the post-1970 period 1.2. 1988: a controversial turning point 2. Economic system: the thorny path towards a market economy 2.1. Systemic changes in 1980-1986 2.2. Reform efforts in 1987-88 2.3. How to go(More)
The continually increasing population, the rising economic activity and the permanent race for the rise of economic prosperity, led us to the increase of motorisation. Transportation sector has an important role, because it is not only using the lacking fossil energy sources and polluting the environment, but because of our social and economic structure it(More)
In Iran, shared taxis are playing significant role in public transport. Maneuver of shared taxi through lanes in order to pick-up and drop-off passengers and asking their destinations may lead to disorder in traffic flow. In order to investigate the effect of these maneuvers (or sudden lane changing) on traffic flow, it is essential to simulate these(More)
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Transport Technology and Economics Stoczek utca 2 Budapest H-1111 E-mail: tamas.andrejszki@mail.bme.hu Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Transport Technology and Economics, Stoczek utca 2 Budapest H-1111, E-mail: atorok@kgazd.bme.hu Budapest University of Technology(More)