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  • Adam Toon
  • Studies in history and philosophy of science
  • 2011
Recent philosophy of science has seen a number of attempts to understand scientific models by looking to theories of fiction. In previous work, I have offered an account of models that draws on(More)
Mental fictionalism is the view that, even if mental states do not exist, it is useful to talk as if they do. Mental states are useful fictions. Recent philosophy of mind has seen a growing interest(More)
Dora Chang Jui-Chia Che Eileen Hwang Amanda Ip Kristen Lee Anu Melville Christina Mercando Jessie Peterson Sara Rankin Jamilah Seabrook Sujee Shim Nadia Tuma Keturah Williams Kristina Wiltsee Heidi(More)
One important debate between scientific realists and constructive empiricists concerns whether we observe things using instruments. This paper offers a new perspective on the debate over instruments(More)
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