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Blogs are becoming an increasingly popular target for spammers. The existence of multiple vectors for spam injection, the potential of reaching many eyeballs with a single spam, and limited deployment of anti-spam technologies has led to a sustained increase in the volume and sophistication of attacks. This paper reviews the current state of spam in the(More)
Kinetically stable proteins are unique in that their stability is determined solely by kinetic barriers rather than by thermodynamic equilibria. To better understand how kinetic stability promotes protein survival under extreme environmental conditions, we analyzed the unfolding behavior and determined the structure of Nocardiopsis alba Protease A (NAPase),(More)
Poly(A)-containing RNA from the bovine anterior pituitary has been used as a template for the enzymatic synthesis of double-stranded cDNA. The resulting double-stranded cDNA was inserted into the Pst I site of pBR322 with the oligo(dG)-oligo(dC) tailing technique and subsequently cloned in E. coli chi 1776. Clones containing sequences complementary to(More)
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