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Evolutionary conserved and pleiotropic, the TPT1/TCTP gene (translationally controlled tumor protein, also called HRF, fortilin), encodes a highly structured mRNA shielded by ribonucleoproteins and closely resembling viral particles. This mRNA activates, as do viruses, protein kinase R (PKR). The TPT1/TCTP protein is structurally similar to mRNA-helicases(More)
Presenilin 1 (PS1) expression is repressed by the p53 tumor suppressor. As shown herein, wild-type PS1 is an effective antiapoptotic molecule capable of significantly inhibiting p53-dependent and p53-independent cell death. We analyzed, at the functional and molecular levels, the brains of p53 knockout mice. Surprisingly, we found that lack of p53(More)
STEAP3/TSAP6 encodes a ferrireductase that is involved in the acquisition of iron by developing erythroblasts and steap3/tsap6 null-mice display severe microcytic anemia. We report a family in which 3 siblings born to healthy parents display transfusion-dependent hypochromic anemia. A nonsense STEAP3/TSAP6 was identified in the siblings at the heterozygous(More)
Translationally Controlled Tumor Protein (TCTP) is anti-apoptotic, key in development and cancer, however without the typical Bcl2 family members' structure. Here we report that TCTP contains a BH3-like domain and forms heterocomplexes with Bcl-xL. The crystal structure of a Bcl-xL deletion variant-TCTP11-31 complex reveals that TCTP refolds in a helical(More)
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