Adam Szabo

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The combined effects of exercise and mental challenge on heart rate (HR) and T-wave amplitude (TWA) were studied. Twenty male students cycled at low (40% of their relative maximal HR reserve (MHRR), for 15 min) and medium (60% MHRR, for 10 min) intensity exercise workloads. Subjects performed a series of mental arithmetic problems for one minute each time:(More)
The heart rate (HR) responses to verbal and nonverbal mental arithmetic tasks were studied in twenty undergraduate males. The two problem-sets were presented in counterbalanced order to the subjects. Greater HR responses to verbal, in contrast to nonverbal, arithmetic were only observed when the verbal arithmetic task was presented first. The peak (maximal)(More)
The reactive sensitivities of T-wave amplitude (TWA), pulse-transit time (PTT) and heart rate (HR) were examined in response to psychological, physiological, and combined challenges. In one experiment, 20 subjects performed 1-min arithmetic and combined arithmetic-with-cycling tasks, with HR and TWA being measured. The former showed significant reactive(More)
The present study examined (i) the effects of exercise lay-off on heart rate (HR) and subjective response to mental stress in 24 individuals highly committed to exercise, and (ii) psychophysiological reactivity to a challenging written mental arithmetic with subjectively controlled difficulty level. Subjects were tested on two occasions one week apart.(More)
Keywords: Virtual observatory Ontology Registry Search and retrieval Data processing Web services a b s t r a c t The space physics data environment is evolving with the advent of virtual observatories. With the primary function of most virtual observatories being data search and retrieval, an emphasis has been placed on providing value-added data(More)
This exploratory investigation examined the association between maximal aerobic power (VO2max) and blood pressure (BP) and heart rate (HR) reactivity to mental challenge. Adolescent male judo athletes (n = 20) performed a 2-min mental arithmetic. Heart rate was recorded before, during, and after the arithmetic, and BP was recorded before and after the(More)
Like many scientific disciplines, the NASA heliophysics data environment is implementing distributed search and retrieval systems for its data sets. However, this community is unique in that NASA has determined that they will deploy multiple systems – termed Virtual Observatories-instead of one all encompassing system. This decision, along with other needs(More)
Abstract The effects of a 12-week exercise-training program on cognitive, somatic, and behavioral anxiety and on heart rate responses to evaluative stress were scrutinized in 89 subjects randomly assigned to an experimental (exercise) or a control group. The training program consisted of exercises that were aimed to the improvement of the general physical(More)