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The reference to systems in the name systems biology points to a holistic emphasis that opposes an extreme reductionistic, mechanistic approach to biology that champions decomposition of biological systems into their molecular constituents and emphasis on such constituents in explanations of biological phenomenon. For some theorists who adopt the name(More)
We examine how to re-design the Internet for an energy-constrained future powered by diffuse, intermittent, and expensive power sources. We consider the types of constraints this might place upon the Internet architecture and the manner in which important network components can function in this new environment. We then attempt to chart a path forward for(More)
The demandingness of act consequentialism (AC) is well-known and has received much sophisticated treatment.1 Few have been content to defend AC’s demands. Much of the response has been to jettison AC in favor of a similar, though significantly less demanding view.2 The popularity of this response is easy to understand. Excessive demandingness appears to be(More)
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