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An important problem in current computational systems biology is to analyze models of biological systems dynamics under parameter uncertainty. This paper presents a novel algorithm for parameter synthesis based on parallel model checking. The algorithm is conceptually universal with respect to the modeling approach employed. We introduce the algorithm, show(More)
We propose a new methodology for identification and analysis of discrete gene networks as defined by René Thomas, supported by a tool chain: (i) given a Thomas network with partially known kinetic parameters, we reduce the number of acceptable parametrizations to those that fit time-series measurements and reflect other known constraints by an improved(More)
Multi-valued logical models can be used to describe biological networks on a high level of abstraction based on the network structure and logical parameters capturing regulatory effects. Interestingly, the dynamics of two distinct models need not necessarily be different, which might hint at either only non-functional characteristics distinguishing the(More)
Bacteria have developed a repertoire of signalling mechanisms that enable adaptive responses to fluctuating environmental conditions. The formation of biofilm, for example, allows persisting in times of external stresses, e.g. induced by antibiotics or a lack of nutrients. Adhesive curli fibers, the major extracellular matrix components in Escherichia coli(More)
The model checking method has been long since established as an important tool for modelling and reverse engineering of biological systems. However, due to a high complexity of both the method and the biological systems, this approach often requires a vast amount of computational resources. In this article we show that by reducing the expressivity of the(More)
Motivation The goal of this project is to provide a simple interface to working with Boolean networks. Emphasis is put on easy access to a large number of common tasks including the generation and manipulation of networks, attractor and basin computation, model checking and trap space computation, execution of established graph algorithms as well as graph(More)