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Climate warming is projected to affect forest water yields but the effects are expected to vary. We investigated how forest type and age affect water yield resilience to climate warming. To answer this question, we examined the variability in historical water yields at long-term experimental catchments across Canada and the United States over 5-year cool(More)
We present a client/server database system with the potential to make all DNA sequences searchable. The database estimated to be approximately 200 Gbps, contains various types of sequences, including WGS and clone reads, draft assemblies, finished sequences, refSeq etc. The search engine will be SSAHA2, a package combined SSAHA (sequence search and(More)
Overburden at a coal mine in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, was stored in a flat-topped artificial mound with 14-degree side slopes. Topsoil was scarce, dispersive and readily eroded. A split-plot factorial experiment applied an enhanced municipal solid waste compost at 0, 60 or 100 t ha(-1) to untreated overburden or to overburden covered with 0.1 m(More)
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