Adam Sossalla

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There is a lack of methods suitable for generation of data about the dynamics of effects on cell membranes with a high sensitivity. Such methods are urgently needed to support the optimisation of interaction of substances, particles or materials with cell. The goal of this article is to use an improved microhole chip system to monitor the alterations of(More)
In most conventional in vitro toxicological assays, the response of a complete cell population is averaged, and therefore, single-cell responses are not detectable. Such averaging might result in misinterpretations when only individual cells within a population respond to a certain stimulus. Therefore, there is a need for non-invasive in vitro systems to(More)
Many neuroprosthetic applications require the use of very small, flexible multi-channel microelectrodes (e.g. polyimide-based film-like electrodes) to fit anatomical constraints. By arranging the electrode contacts on both sides of the polyimide film, selectivity can be further increased without increasing size. In this work, two approaches to create such(More)
A 16-channel intramuscular electrode system for high-resolution EMG recording was developed and fabricated. This system consists of a flexible thread-like thin-film structure based on polyimide, which is attached to a conventional needle cannula by the use of a guiding filament. This needle is removed after insertion, leaving only the polyimide structure(More)
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