Adam Sidwell

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An auditory enhancement effect occurs when one component of a harmonic series is omitted for a few hundred milliseconds and then reintroduced: The reintroduced harmonic stands out perceptually. Three experiments are reported that studied a version of this effect in which several components of a harmonic series are enhanced to define the formants of a vowel.(More)
  • A Sidwell
  • 1987
The effective internal level of a 1-kHz tone at 50 dB SPL was estimated by measuring the forward masking produced on a 10-ms signal tone of the same frequency. Noise containing a spectral notch was then added to the masker tone, and its influence on the effective level of the tone was measured with a variety of noise levels, notch widths, and notch shapes.(More)
Previous reports have detailed the fabrication of media able to support high density magnetic recording in both longitudinal and perpendicular formats by the global rapid thermal processing of sputtered non-magnetic precursor films. During processing in this manner a magnetic element is released from its nitride and agglomerates to form a random near(More)
Twisting or braiding of hamstring tendon grafts for use in anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions has been advocated to increase their strength and stiffness under load. In this study, a two-dimensional model was used to determine the failure strength of twisted and parallel grafts and associated knee laxity under simulated physiological loading(More)
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