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Dense surface models can be used to analyze 3D facial morphology by establishing a correspondence of thousands of points across each 3D face image. The models provide dramatic visualizations of 3D face-shape variation with potential for training physicians to recognize the key components of particular syndromes. We demonstrate their use to visualize and(More)
The Manticore project is an effort to design and implement a new functional language for parallel programming. Unlike many earlier parallel languages, Manticore is a <i>heterogeneous</i> language that supports parallelism at multiple levels. Specifically, we combine CML-style explicit concurrency with NESL/Nepal-style data-parallelism. In this paper, we(More)
Accurate temperature measurements in therapeutic ultrasound fields are necessary for understanding damage mechanisms, verification of thermal modelling and calibration of non-invasive clinical thermometry. However, artefactual heating, primarily due to viscous forces which result from motion relative to the surrounding tissue, occurs when metal(More)
The increasing availability of commodity multicore processors is making parallel computing available to the masses. Traditional parallel languages are largely intended for large-scale scientific computing and tend not to be well-suited to programming the applications one typically finds on a desktop system. Thus we need new parallel-language designs that(More)
Many genetic syndromes involve a facial gestalt that suggests a preliminary diagnosis to an experienced clinical geneticist even before a clinical examination and genotyping are undertaken. Previously, using visualization and pattern recognition, we showed that dense surface models (DSMs) of full face shape characterize facial dysmorphology in Noonan and in(More)
A method for focusing high-intensity ultrasound (HIFU) through a rib cage that aims to minimize heating of the ribs while maintaining high intensities at the focus (or foci) was proposed and tested theoretically and experimentally. Two approaches, one based on geometric acoustics and the other accounting for diffraction effects associated with propagation(More)
A dual sensing fiber-optic hydrophone that can make simultaneous measurements of acoustic pressure and temperature at the same location has been developed for characterizing ultrasound fields and ultrasound-induced heating. The transduction mechanism is based on the detection of acoustically- and thermally-induced thickness changes in a polymer film(More)
Congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN) are known to be associated with neurological abnormalities and melanoma, but have not been considered to be part of a developmental syndrome. The objective of this study was to test our clinical observation that children with CMN show more facial similarities than might be expected by coincidence. We selected facial(More)
Noonan syndrome (NS) is a developmental disorder characterized by facial dysmorphia, short stature, cardiac defects, and skeletal malformations. We recently demonstrated that mutations in PTPN11, the gene encoding the non-receptor-type protein tyrosine phosphatase SHP-2 (src homology region 2-domain phosphatase-2), cause NS, accounting for approximately 50%(More)