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BACKGROUND Care of children with osteomyelitis requires multidisciplinary collaboration. This study evaluates the impact of evidence-based guidelines for the treatment of pediatric osteomyelitis when utilized by a multidisciplinary team. METHODS Guidelines for pediatric osteomyelitis were developed and were implemented by a multidisciplinary team(More)
BACKGROUND Frailty, a multidimensional syndrome entailing loss of energy, physical ability, cognition, and health, plays a significant role in elderly morbidity and mortality. No study has examined frailty in relation to mortality after femoral neck fractures in elderly patients. QUESTIONS/PURPOSES We examined the association of a modified frailty index(More)
BACKGROUND Although glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness worldwide, yet there are no large databases where risk factors, current management options and outcomes may be evaluated. With this concept in mind, Dallas Glaucoma Registry was established to focus on an ethnically mixed North Texas population. METHODS This is a retrospective, chart review of(More)
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