Adam Shakir

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Epidemiologic studies of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), the leading cause of death of infants during the postperinatal period (7-365 days), have mainly focused on the deaths of single infants. Simultaneous sudden infant death syndrome (SSIDS), the death of a pair of twins occurring at the same time, has received limited attention within the medical(More)
The first reported case of simultaneous sudden infant death syndrome (SSIDS) in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, occurred on February 27, 1998. Two-month-old black fraternal twin girls were both found dead in their crib at the same time. After an in-depth death scene investigation, police investigation, toxicologic analysis, and complete autopsies, a(More)
OBJECTIVE The growth of biofilms on tracheoesophageal speech valves shortens their life span and produces a reservoir of pathogens that may infect the respiratory tract. The authors have discovered a novel nontoxic deoxyribonuclease, NucB, from a marine isolate of Bacillus licheniformis that is effective at dispersing a variety of mono and mixed-species(More)
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