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The cytocidal properties of metronidazole against hypoxic mammalian cells are described. This chemotherapeutic action has been shown to be dependent on drug concentration and duration of exposure. The x-ray TCD50 for a murine anaplastic carcinoma was reduced from 6081 rad to 4643 rad when animals were given metronidazole orally for 36 h before radiation(More)
BACKGROUND Early identification of flap failure is an indispensable prerequisite for flap salvage. Although many technical developments of free flap monitoring have now reached clinical application, very few are considered to be reliable and non-invasive for early recognition of flap failure. CASE PRESENTATION We used microendoscopic technique for(More)
OBJECTIVES The tumour margin is an important surgical concept significantly affecting patient morbidity and mortality. We aimed in this prospective study to apply the microendoscope on tissue margins from patients undergoing surgery for oral cancer in vivo and ex vivo and compare it to the gold standard "paraffin wax", inter-observer agreement was measured;(More)
Binding of [125I]-labelled ifenprodil, a non-competitive N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) antagonist acting at the polyamine domain, was studied in washed, frozen-thawed synaptic membranes. Under these conditions where the NMDA channel is essentially in a closed channel state and in the presence of GBR 12909, [125I]ifenprodil binding was rapid, reversible,(More)
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