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This paper is a critique of version three of Joonmo Kim's paper entitled " P = NP by Modus Tollens. " After summarizing Kim's proof, we note that the logic that Kim uses is inconsistent, which provides evidence that the proof is invalid. To show this, we will consider two reasonable interpretations of Kim's definitions, and show that " P = NP " does not(More)
Goldreich and Izsak (Theory of Computing, 2012) initiated the research on understanding the role of negations in circuits implementing cryptographic primitives, notably, considering one-way functions and pseudo-random generators. More recently, Guo, Malkin, Oliveira and Rosen (TCC, 2014) determined tight bounds on the minimum number of negations gates(More)
In this paper, we report the results of Monte Carlo simulations of the adsorption of neon, argon, methane and carbon dioxide in carbon nanohorns. We model the nanohorns as an array of carbon cones and obtained adsorption isotherms and isosteric heats. The main sites of adsorption are inside the cones and in the interstices between three cones. We also(More)
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