Adam Scott

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The availability of well-characterized neuroimaging data with large numbers of subjects, especially for clinical populations, is critical to advancing our understanding of the healthy and diseased brain. Such data enables questions to be answered in a much more generalizable manner and also has the potential to yield solutions derived from novel methods(More)
A neuroinformatics (NI) system is critical to brain imaging research in order to shorten the time between study conception and results. Such a NI system is required to scale well when large numbers of subjects are studied. Further, when multiple sites participate in research projects organizational issues become increasingly difficult. Optimized NI(More)
OBJECTIVE Human regular U-500 (U-500R) insulin (500 units/mL) is increasingly being used clinically, yet its pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) have not been well studied. Therefore, we compared PK and PD of clinically relevant doses of U-500R with the same doses of human regular U-100 (U-100R) insulin (100 units/mL). RESEARCH DESIGN AND(More)
Given an impartial combinatorial game G, we create a class of related games (CIS-G) by specifying a finite set of positions in G and forbidding players from moving to those positions (leaving all other game rules unchanged). Such modifications amount to taking cofinite induced subgraphs (CIS) of the original game graph. Some recent numerical/heuristic work(More)
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