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Small amounts of water can significantly affect the physical properties of mantle materials, including lowering of the solidus, and reducing effective viscosity and seismic velocity. The amount and distribution of water within the mantle thus has profound implications for the dynamics and geochemical evolution of the Earth. Electrical conductivity is also(More)
To guide inquiries into the mechanisms for progression of mild scoliosis in humans, the authors investigated the effects of age and sex on the response of spines to externally applied deforming moments using a rat model. Groups of male and female rats, with initial ages of 3, 6, or 24 weeks, were held for five weeks in restraints that laterally deformed(More)
STUDY DESIGN A normative, single-group study was conducted. OBJECTIVE To investigate the flexion relaxation phenomenon in the thoraco-lumbopelvic muscles among a pain-free population when moving from an upright to a slump sitting posture. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA The presence of the flexion relaxation phenomenon (FRP) of the back muscles is well(More)
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