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Small amounts of water can significantly affect the physical properties of mantle materials, including lowering of the solidus, and reducing effective viscosity and seismic velocity. The amount and distribution of water within the mantle thus has profound implications for the dynamics and geochemical evolution of the Earth. Electrical conductivity is also(More)
STUDY DESIGN A normative, single-group study was conducted. OBJECTIVE To investigate the flexion relaxation phenomenon in the thoraco-lumbopelvic muscles among a pain-free population when moving from an upright to a slump sitting posture. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA The presence of the flexion relaxation phenomenon (FRP) of the back muscles is well(More)
HST NICMOS narrowband images of the shocked molecular hydrogen emission in OMC-1 are analyzed to reveal new information on the BN/KL outflow. The outstanding morphological feature of this region is the array of molecular hydrogen " fingers " emanating from the general vicinity of IRc2 and the presence of several Herbig-Haro objects. The NICMOS images appear(More)
The increasing popularity of cellular phones with integrated cameras in the recent past has led to major improvements in its image quality. However, integration of new features, such as mobile email, video streaming, MP3 etc. tend to put the limitation on image quality as camera phone designers struggle to manage multiple features while maintaining healthy(More)
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