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We consider the problem of building an arbitrary N × N real orthogonal operator using a finite set, S, of elementary quantum optics gates operating on m ≤ N modes the problem of universality of S on N modes. In particular, we focus on the universality problem of an m-mode beamsplitter. Using methods of control theory and some properties of rotations in(More)
The famous question of Kac "can one hear the shape of a drum?" addressing the unique connection between the shape of a planar region and the spectrum of the corresponding Laplace operator, can be legitimately extended to scattering systems. In the modified version, one asks whether the geometry of a vibrating system can be determined by scattering(More)
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  • 2005
R. Klt ipfel (Hoppe-Seylcr . Medicinisch-chemische Untersuchungen, Heft III 1868, pag. 412) stellt 8 Behauptung auf: 87 cinem Arbeitstag waren demgem~iss 137,1 Ccm. TitrirfiUssigkeit mehr zut bTeutralisation der durch den Harn abgeschiedenen Saure ni~thig~ als ” einem Ruhetag; mit andern Worten: in diesen Versuchen stieg der absolute Siiuregehalt der(More)
Can one hear the shape of a graph? This is a modification of the famous question of Mark Kac "Can one hear the shape of a drum?" which can be asked in the case of scattering systems such as quantum graphs and microwave networks. It addresses an important mathematical problem whether scattering properties of such systems are uniquely connected to their(More)
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