Adam Salamon

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Collagen synthesis has been studied in preserved autologous and homologous tendon grafts, applied in dogs. The stages of collagen morphogenesis observed in the synthetizing fibroblasts appearing in the decomposing original structure of the transplants as well as in the extracellular ground substance are described. The results suggest that autologous tendon(More)
Authors have investigated the ultrastructure of the pseudo tendon sheath, formed with silicon rod and man. They have observed a superficial structure, resembling the normal tendon sheath in scanning electron microscopic examination. With transmission electron microscopy phagocyte "A" type and secretion "B" type synovial cells were found. Authors state that(More)
The authors examined the immunological and immunohistochemical alterations of palmar aponeurosis in Dupuytren's contracture. In the IgG-content no difference were found between the intact and diseased aponeurosis. The mean of IgA content was 2 fold, the IgM content 3 fold higher in Dupuytren's aponeurosis than in normal ones. The immunoglobulin containing(More)
In an attempt to demonstrate a negative feedback of rat placental lactogen (rPL) on prolactin secretion, pregnant rats were hysterectomized and injected intraperitoneally with placental extracts. Hysterectomy alone prolonged the incidence of nocturnal prolactin surges and injection of placental extracts did not alter this response. However, the absence of(More)
A chicken model for research in flexor tendon surgery is used despite the considerable differences between avian foot and human hand anatomy. In order to properly correlate and interpret the data collected from such experiments, a reexamination of chicken anatomy and terminology was undertaken. Thirty chicken feet were studied anatomically for tendon-tendon(More)
After a review of the morphological and biological relationship of the intact human flexor tendon-sheath unit, the authors discuss injuries of the flexor tendon. They summarize research to date, including their own results. In their opinion, the success of two-stage tendon grafting used in the treatment of such injuries, apart from the known clinical(More)
Authors examined the aponeurosis of 23 patients with Dupuytren's contracture and of 5, formerly healthy persons, who died in consequence of accidents. It was found that the IgA and IgM content of the palmar aponeurosis is significantly elevated in Dupuytren's disease. The distribution of the immunglobulin containing cells and the fibronection localisation(More)