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The conventional wisdom in health economics is that idiosyncratic features of the healthcare sector leave little scope for market forces to allocate consumers to higher performance producers. However, we find robust evidence across a variety of conditions and performance measures that higher quality hospitals tend to have higher market shares at a point in(More)
A growing literature studies social networks and their implications for economic outcomes. This paper highlights, examines, and addresses econometric problems that arise when a researcher studies these network effects using sampled network data. In applied work, researchers generally construct networks from data collected from a partial sample of nodes. For(More)
I study the relationship between bank-specific capital and credit access in a new setting: bank branch closings in markets where the branch network is dense. Existing regulation in the U.S. is targeted toward areas with few branches where closings inhibit physical access to the branch network. I show that, even in crowded markets, closings can have large(More)
This paper investigates the effects of social network position on the ability to overcome contract incompleteness using an experiment in Karnataka, In-dia. We randomly pair individuals (who live in the same village and are known to one another) to play informal risk-sharing games across three contracting environments which vary the level of formal(More)
Private school market shares are rising steadily in many developing countries, but we have a limited understanding of how private schools set prices, how parents respond, and how this affects enrollment and performance in equilibrium. To shed light on demand behavior and supply response, I present a model of school pricing that incorporates an unusual(More)
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The rapid growth of Political Action Committees – expenditures neared $500 million in the 2012 presidential election – is center-stage in the debate over money in American politics. The effect of PACs on elections depends on regulation and its interaction with imperfect competition. Congress requires stations to treat candidates to the same office equally,(More)
Inappropriate prescribing is a rising threat to the health of Medicare beneficiaries and a drain on Medicare's finances. In this study we used a randomized controlled trial approach to evaluate a low-cost, light-touch intervention aimed at reducing the inappropriate provision of Schedule II controlled substances in the Medicare Part D program. Potential(More)