Adam S. Elias

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Input to the central nervous system from olfactory sensory neurons (OSNs) is modulated presynaptically. We investigated the functional organization of this inhibition and its role in odor coding by imaging neurotransmitter release from OSNs in slices and in vivo in mice expressing synaptopHluorin, an optical indicator of vesicle exocytosis. Release from(More)
A survey of speech therapists in the United Kingdom showed that they usually undertook the treatment of psychogenic voice disorders. Their pre-qualification education had provided advice that was usually reflected accurately in the experience they gained in practice, though during their education about a third had lacked any opportunity to treat or observe(More)
Introduction: There is a recent recognition that diabetes mellitus (DM) has the potential to reach epidemic proportions, with related implications for visual impairment, in India. A quarter of the world’s blind population is estimated to be in India, about 9 to 12 million. Awareness about the eye complications of diabetic retinopathy can play an important(More)
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