Adam S Bracha

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original formulation of the term for the human response to threat, " fight or flight, " was coined exactly 75 years ago, in 1929. 1 It is an easily remembered catchphrase that seems to capture the essence of the phenomena it describes. It accurately evokes two key behaviors that we see occurring in response to threat. This phrase has led to certain(More)
This review discusses the clenching-grinding spectrum from the neuropsychiatric/neuroevolutionary perspective. In neuropsychiatry, signs of jaw clenching may be a useful objective marker for detecting or substantiating a self-report of current subjective emotional distress. Similarly, accelerated tooth wear may be an objective clinical sign for detecting,(More)
Increasing scientific evidence point to a non-pharmacological complementary treatment for insomnia: white noise. Its presentation has been shown to induce sleep in human neonates and adults, probably by reducing the signal-to-noise ratio of ambient sound. White noise may be a simple, safe, cost-effective alternative to hypnotic medication in many(More)
A 12-question test was composed and administered to the seventh, eighth, and ninth grade Gifted-Talented (GT) Science Classes. A clustered stratified random sample of 66 students was selected out of the 194 students. The mean score was 70% for the eighth grade, 68% for the seventh grade, and 62% for the ninth grade. Knowledge among the students was(More)
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