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Creative projects can span weeks, months, or even years. Working on these timescales can be difficult due to the need to restore context - a task's physical, digital, and mental resources - after each break. Prior research on using computers to restore context has focused on digital context, reopening collections of documents or visualizing interactions(More)
Knowledge work is frequently interrupted. Interruptions enable collaboration and bring timely information, but they disrupt the fragile context of ongoing activities. Computers, now ubiquitous in knowledge work, have improved in their ability to track and restore digital context (documents and files), but they do a poor job of helping users restore mental(More)
Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have increased the utility and portability of health information by storing it in structured formats. However, EHRs separate this structured data from the rich, free-text descriptions of clinical notes. The ultimate objective of our research is to develop an interactive progress note that unifies entry, access, and retrieval(More)
The digitization of knowledge work has led to an increase in computer-related interruptions. Recovering from interruptions can get harder over time as knowledge about the suspended activity fades from memory. Prior research suggests that digital reinstatement systems should not only be concerned reminding users with previous content but also of their(More)
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