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The aim of this study was to evaluate the visual analogue scale (VAS) as a method of pruritus assessment. A total of 310 subjects with pruritic dermatoses (148 Caucasian subjects and 162 Asian subjects) were recruited. The patients assessed pruritus intensity using the horizontal and vertical VAS, numeric rating scale (NRS) and verbal rating scale (VRS).(More)
The most commonly used tool for self-report of pruritus intensity is the visual analogue scale (VAS). Similar tools are the numerical rating scale (NRS) and verbal rating scale (VRS). In the present study, initiated by the International Forum for the Study of Itch assessing reliability of these tools, 471 randomly selected patients with chronic itch (200(More)
The pathogenesis of pruritus in psoriasis remains unclear. Many possible mediators were implicated to transmit or modulate this sensation in psoriasis, but none has been clearly proven to be a causative agent of itching. The most often discussed theory mentioned the importance of impaired innervations and neuropeptides imbalance in psoriatic skin. Other(More)
Patients with moderate to severe psoriasis are undertreated. To solve this persistent problem, the consensus programme was performed to define goals for treatment of plaque psoriasis with systemic therapy and to improve patient care. An expert consensus meeting and a collaborative Delphi procedure were carried out. Nineteen dermatologists from different(More)
Uremic pruritus is still a common phenomenon in patients with end-stage renal failure, however, there is no effective treatment of choice for this condition. This study was undertaken to evaluate the efficacy and tolerance of the cream with structured physiological lipids (DMS, Derma Membrane Structure) and endogenous cannabinoids in controlling pruritus in(More)
INTRODUCTION Numerous herbal medicines have been recommended for the treatment of different diseases. Achyranthes aspera, Linn. (Family: Amaranthaceae), popularly known as Charchitta or Pitpapra, is commonly used by traditional healers for the treatment of fever, malaria, dysentery, asthma, arterial hypertension, pneumonia, and diabetes. The root extract is(More)
Patients with acne often scratch their lesions. As scratching is also a part of the response to pruritic stimuli, this study aimed to determine whether itching accompanies acne. A total of 108 teenagers (mean age 15.8+/-1.8 years) with acne were included in the study. All participants completed a specially designed questionnaire on demographic and clinical(More)
Although pruritus is an essential symptom of atopic dermatitis, its complex pathomechanism is not fully understood. The aim of this study was to characterize the clinical pattern of itch in adult subjects with atopic dermatitis. A total of 89 patients (59 females, 30 males) with atopic dermatitis, age range 18-60 years, were included in the study. Each(More)
Itch (pruritus) is an unpleasant sensation that leads to the desire to scratch (1). Pruritus may compromise quality of life and sleep in affected individuals. Pruritus is similar to pain, in being a subjective symptom; assessment of its intensity is a key issue in evaluating severity and therapeutic outcome of patients with pruritic disorders of diverse(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the prevalence and factors influencing the presence of concomitant dermatomycoses in patients with toenail onychomycosis. DESIGN Prospective study based on a specially designed questionnaire completed by dermatologists. PATIENTS A total of 2761 patients with toenail onychomycosis. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES The diagnosis of fungal(More)