Adam R. Fremeth

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Wind energy presents significant opportunity to provide a series of public goods. Drawing on the ideas of J.Q. Wilson and E. Ostrom, we compare options to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of deploying wind energy in two US states, Texas and Minnesota. Texas outperformed Minnesota in deploying wind energy technology despite Minnesota's ample wind(More)
We assess the utility of synthetic control, a recently developed empirical methodology, for applications in organizational research. Synthetic control acts as a bridge between qualitative and quantitative research methods by enabling researchers to estimate treatment effects in contexts with small samples or few occurrences of a phenomenon or treatment(More)
We hypothesize that regulatory externalities (i.e., regulations in jurisdictions beyond where a firm operates) can influence a firm's environmental behavior. Specifically, we predict that firms will be sensitive to regulations both in neighboring jurisdictions and in jurisdictions where peer firms operate. By examining the use of renewable-generating(More)
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