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[1] Site preference (SP), the difference in dN between the central and outer nitrogen atoms in N2O, is a powerful approach for apportioning fluxes of N2O from soils to nitrification and denitrification (Sutka et al., 2006). A critical aspect of the use of SP data to apportion sources of N2O to nitrification and denitrification is the need to evaluate data(More)
Vascular diseases such as diabetes and hypertension cause changes to the vasculature that can lead to vessel stiffening and the loss of vasoactivity. The microstructural bases of these changes are not presently fully understood. We present a new methodology for stain-free visualization, at a microscopic scale, of the morphology of the main passive(More)
BACKGROUND During pregnancy, mechanisms that allow for regulation of continuous fetal and placental vasculogenesis with prevention of maternal neo-vascularization remain elusive. The vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) biological system has a key role during vasculogenesis. The aims of this study were to validate a bioassay for soluble vascular(More)
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