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The most popular configuration of the controlled laboratory test­rigs is the personal computer (PC) equipped with the I/O board. The dedicated software components allows to conduct a wide range of user­ defined tasks. The typical configuration functionality can be customized by PC hardware components and their programmable reconfiguration. The next step in(More)
A control numerical algorithm solving the timeoptimal problem for the reaction wheel pendulum system, fully effective in the open loop, is examined in the real-time system. There are two control tasks. The first is to transfer the pendulum from the lower to the upper equilibrium point. The second is to transfer the pendulum from the upper to the lower(More)
Efforts to predict the germination ability of acorns using their shape, length, diameter and density are reported in the literature. These methods, however, are not efficient enough. As such, a visual assessment of the viability of seeds based on the appearance of cross-sections of seeds following their scarification is used. This procedure is more robust(More)
The paper is an attempt to interest the reader how to control real-time mechatronic systems under the MS Windows operating system. The authors refer to solutions that combine a software part and a hardware using the FPGA technology, together forming a comprehensive platform for the control purposes in the real-time. The main emphasis is placed on the(More)
  • Adam Pilat
  • Proceedings of 2012 IEEE 17th International…
  • 2012
The aim of this paper is to present the research on the Control Toolbox for the device named Programmable Analog Controller. This unit is based on dynamically programmable Analog Signal Processors. The configurable hardware resources require automated or semi-automated methods to support the configuration and signal processing stage. In this paper the(More)
The time-optimal trajectories are very sensitive to disturbances. The use of optimal strategy in real-time inevitably results in a departure from the optimal path. A return to the trajectory is no longer possible. When the time-optimal is replaced to the fix horizon problem then the real system moves from the optimal to nearing trajectories. Moreover, a(More)