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The affective underpinnings of job perceptions and attitudes: a meta-analytic review and integration.
Using psychometric meta-analysis, the authors present a quantitative and qualitative review (k = 205, total pairwise N = 62,527) of the literature relating trait and state positive affect (PA) andExpand
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Subtle Yet Significant: The Existence and Impact of Everyday Racial Discrimination in the Workplace
In this article, we argue that research concerning workplace discrimination could be advanced by considering ‘everyday discrimination,’ that is, the subtle, pervasive discriminatory acts experiencedExpand
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If you feel bad, it's unfair: a quantitative synthesis of affect and organizational justice perceptions.
Whereas research interest in both individual affect/temperament and organizational justice has grown substantially in recent years, affect's role in the perception of organizational justice hasExpand
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Understanding the Ethical Cost of Organizational Goal-Setting: A Review and Theory Development
Goal-setting has become a popular and effective motivational tool, utilized by practitioners and substantiated with decades of empirical research. However, the potential for goal-setting to enhanceExpand
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Contemplative Education: A Systematic, Evidence-Based Review of the effect of Meditation Interventions in Schools
Schools need reliable evidence about the outcomes of meditation programs before they consider if and how such programmes can influence learning agendas, curriculum and timetables. This paper reviewedExpand
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Modeling negative affectivity and job stress: a contingency-based approach
Understanding the role of negative affectivity (NA) in relations between job stressors and resultant strains has been a major source of research interest in the organizational literature for almostExpand
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Investigating the Effects of Moral Disengagement and Participation on Unethical Work Behavior
With massive corruption uncovered in numerous recent corporate scandals, investigating psychological processes underlying unethical behavior among employees has become a critical area of research forExpand
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A note on the relationship between affect(ivity) and differing conceptualizations of job satisfaction: Some unexpected meta-analytic findings
This study investigated whether the relationships between positive (PA) and negative affect (NA) and job satisfaction (JS) differ as a function of the satisfaction measure being primarily affectiveExpand
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Just Feelings? The Role of Affect in the Formation of Organizational Fairness Judgments
In contrast to traditional conceptualizations of organizational justice as representing isolated judgments stemming from a “cold” rational calculus, justice judgments are instead part of a “hot” andExpand
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Establishing a climate for diversity: The inhibition of prejudiced reactions in the workplace
After briefly documenting the continuing problem of racial discrimination in the American workplace, the sources of discrimination were identified. Prejudiced reactions were shown to originate fromExpand
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