Adam P. Young

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3526 Background: There is a paucity of reliable PD assays for guiding individual OBDT. PD effects of kinase inhibitors have been previously measured in static tissues. We developed a dynamic flow-cytometric PD assay that quantitates RAF signal transduction capacity (STC) based on the differential MEK´s phosphor-status in stimulated vs. basal conditions(More)
The replica method has been used to calculate the interface free energy associated with the change from periodic to antiperiodic boundary conditions in finite-dimensional spin glasses. At mean-field level the interface free energy vanishes, but after allowing for fluctuation effects, a nonzero interface free energy is obtained which is significantly(More)
The ability to explore, conceptualize and correlate spatial and temporal changes of topographical records, is needed for the development of new analytical models that capture the mechanisms contributing towards sea cliff erosion. This paper presents a VR-centric approach for cliff erosion assessment from light detection and ranging (LIDAR) data, including(More)
BACKGROUND Targeted therapies elicit anticancer activity by exerting pharmacodynamic effects on specific molecular targets. Currently, there is limited use of pharmacodynamic assessment to guide drug administration in the routine oncology setting. METHODS We developed a phosphoshift (pShift) flow cytometry-based test that measures RAF signal transduction(More)
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