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In this paper, we describe the conditions and the issues raised by the development of Social TV and its systems that support communication and virtual socialization among viewers. Some initial indications are provided regarding the establishment of virtual communities in the TV setting and their potential for the participants. Finally, we briefly discuss(More)
The rapid evolution of B2C e-Commerce alternative interaction channels (i.e., World Wide Web, Mobile Telephony and Digital TV) along with the continuously changing consumer behavioural patterns, has created a strong need for research tailored to the peculiarities and needs of the aforementioned emerging " distance shopping " channels. Stimulated by the(More)
Pervasive information systems (PIS) constitute an emerging class of information systems (IS) where information technology (IT) is gradually embedded in the physical environment, capable of accommodating user needs and wants when desired. PIS differ from desktop information systems (DIS) in that they provide new means of interaction and can generate new(More)
Recognizing the need for consumer behaviour research initiatives in business-to-consumer mobile commerce (m-commerce), this paper investigates consumer attitudes and behaviours in this fast evolving business landscape. An online consumer survey was conducted in Finland, Germany and Greece and a major classification between " mobile users " and " mobile(More)